About us

Dedicated software development and team extension

We help companies and VC-backed startups turn their business ideas into minimum viable products (MVPs) and prototypes and scale up their software development capabilities

Taking on complex challenges

Foundry was established in 2018 by a team of veterans as a dedicated software development company focused on solving our clients’ hardest technical challenges. From the drawing board, to an MVP or a prototype – we help them realize and test the viability of their business ideas on the market. We are eager to take on the wildest project ideas and turn them into products that will work for and be loved by your target market audience – incorporating the latest industry standards, delivered in a highly efficient workflow. We help you set up a vision for a future-proof product along with a tangible and actionable work plan that reduces risk and speeds up delivery time.

The remote hand of success

In the age of global digitalization and broadband internet connections, geographical location quickly loses its significance in our industry. We believe that every engineer can craft their own perfect working environment and provide the best results. Foundry is a completely remote-capable company, delivering value globally.

Thinking outside of the Box

Solving complex technical challenges oftentimes requires questioning the established paradigms and assessing the problem for all angles. This is what we do best. We are not tied to a certain technology or approach. Instead, we choose the most suitable tech stack according to the specific needs of the project and/or product.

We are passionate about what we do and only our clients’ complete satisfaction is good enough for us. We like to be challenged, even more, we like to deliver and keep you ahead of the curve.

Strengthening the grassroots of the local IT community

Foundry alongside its partners is the driving force in creating and delivering conferences and get-togethers focused on exposing and familiarizing the local IT community to edge technologies – providing food for thought, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Training the next generation of software developers

With multiple decades of individual experience, our team helps the new and fresh creative minds acquire the necessary skills and knowhow to craft great things, for the benefit of all!