Our services

Foundry provides software development expertise in transforming a business idea into an MVP or a Prototype. Our team seamlessly integrates with our clients’ vision and in-house teams to scale-up their production.

Custom product development

Minimum viable products (MVP) and Prototypes are a great way to test your business idea directly on the market. Our product development follows strict production protocols and guidelines – we provide fully documented, scalable, and easily maintainable products. Foundry has substantial experience and expertise in developing and delivering software solutions which incorporate the latest industry standards and technologies.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA’s are the next generation of web applications which can be distributed to a wide range of devices. Connectivity independent, fast, responsive, and always fresh – they can serve a larger user-base regardless of the internet quality and coverage.

Distributed & P2P systems

We are experts in creating solutions for distributed systems that are scalable, efficient, and offer superior performance compared to standard monolithic systems – bettering the experience for the end-user. Additionally, we’re firm believers in P2P - the ultimate expression of a distributed system

Serverless Solutions

Here at Foundry, we like to focus and invest in the usability and the functionality of the product without having to poke a hole in your pocket on server maintenance. It’s a cheaper, automatically scalable, event-driven architecture that is perfectly suitable for a wide array of projects.


We build websites and web applications using JAMStack. It is a novel, revolutionary architecture for delivering faster, safer, optimized websites without relying on complex, monolithic architectures – instead delivering dynamic content via APIs and micro-services. It integrates and supports the newest workflows, tools, and best practices of modern web development!


We have extensive experience in delivering NLP-based solutions focused on developing cutting-edge assistive technologies aimed at improving the daily life of thousands of users.

Dedicated team extension

Our software development team is a perfect addition to any in-house production team/s who want to scale up production effort, provide expertise, and speed up delivery. With flawless communication and coordination, we fully integrate in the production pipeline to deliver extraordinary results!

On-Site Workshops

Our on-site workshops are designed to equip software engineers with tangible problem-solving skills through teamwork in building real products and solving real-life production problems. We’re happy to share our expertise with our colleagues.